Our church is open for face-to-face worship every Sunday at 11.00 am.

Everyone is welcome, and we hope you will feel safe and confident to come. After the changes in government regulations, we are now urged to make informed judgements and take personal responsibility. So, we will continue to ask people to:

We can now sing again, but preferably behind masks or face coverings. And there'll also be an area set aside for those who would prefer not to sing yet.

We hope these steps will make church as safe as we can, and for you to feel safer too. You can continue to find a weekly letter, worship material and a recorded sermon from Ken (our minister) here.

Hayes End Leadership Team (July 2021)

View of our church from the Uxbridge Road

Welcome to our website. The aim of this site is to be a source of information about our church and to give an insight into some of the things happening within our church community.

There has been a Methodist congregation meeting in the Hayes End area for over 100 years. As a worshipping community we are proud to continue what previous generations started. Our hope is that we can continue to serve God in our community in this and future generations and with this in mind we are in the process of modernising our building. In 2009 we completed the first stage of this process with the modernisation of our worship area and the addition of various facilities to make it more accessible. Plans are already being made for the next phase of the work.

The people who worship here come from a wide range of ages, traditions, and nationalities, much like the community around us. The uniting factor is that we all wish to serve God whilst learning more about how we can and should do it. At Hayes End we try to be a welcoming community and you will be greeted on a Sunday morning by one of our members who can answer most questions you may have. In addition, our leadership team is available at all services to answer any other queries. They all wear badges to identify themselves and any member of the congregation will point them out.